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DIVER Underwriter is the industry-leading 15c2-12 solution. Designed to help Underwriters, Issuers, Muni Advisors and Law Firms efficiently perform due diligence and support the public finance process

  • 15c2-12 Lookback Process for All Muni New Issue Deals

  • Alerts for Audit, Financial/Operating Data and Rating Filing Requirements

  • CAFR and Detailed Financial and Operating Filing Analysis

  • Credit Rating and Bond Call Filing Analysis

  • Obligor, Issue and CUSIP Level Analysis

  • Misclassified EMMA Filings Reclassified

  • Deal File Storage for proof of Compliance

  • Access to All Data Used in Analysis

DIVER Underwriter was designed to be configurable – your needs, your checklist and your underwriting process.

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DIVER Underwriter: Post-MCDC Underwriting

Underwriters Are Facing New Challenges

Lumesis - DIVER Underwriter

We believe that Underwriters should be able to efficiently perform comprehensive diligence to meet their 15c2-12 obligations and not limit the number of deals they bid. The current market environment combined with renewed regulatory focus has increased pressure on Underwriting teams. DIVER Underwriter was designed to alleviate those pressures, manage risk and increase efficiency.