Muni Commentary


Colorado’s Economy Shows Strong Improvement

September 19th, 2016 This week we review our proprietary DIVER Geo Score, highlight the best and worst performing States, as well as provide you a link to get the scores themselves. Also, we update a favorite chart which tracks market [...]


Guest Commentary: American County Review

This week, we are pleased to provide you with another guest commentary from our friends at the American County Review (“ACRe”).  The focus of ACRe’s review is Oil and Gas and its impact on certain economies. The American County Review [...]


Municipal Perspectives

Municipal Perspectives August 22, 2016 This week we are pleased to provide you a guest commentary from our friends at Court Street Group Research.  Their “Weekly Municipal Perspective” is the work of Matt Posner, Bob Donahue and Joseph Krist. This [...]


Disclosure and Diligence – Still Some Unanswered Questions

It is hard to fathom a market as large and integral to our lives –schools, hospitals, utilities, roads and so much more – where the subject of required disclosure and diligence is still an unsettled issue.  While the SEC’s MCDC [...]