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Driving the digital transformation of the US municipal market

We serve constituents across the municipal market with cutting-edge business and regulatory solutions

Our Story

Founded in 2010, DIVER was started to develop and deliver better technology to manage risk, comply with new regulations, and help the muni market work more efficiently. We pride ourselves on being completely dedicated to a market that has historically been underserved by technology providers, and on developing cutting edge technology and data solutions to enhance the functioning of the muni market. We believe that a well-functioning municipal bond market is critically important to a strong America.

Our deep experience across capital markets, legal, the municipal market and financial technology sets us apart. We innovate the best possible solutions on our DIVER platform through our industry knowledge and listening closely to market needs. SOLVE’s data-rich solutions offer industry-leading analysis and compliance solutions that meet the evolving needs of a changing regulatory and business landscape. We achieve this by using cloud-based technology to deliver simple solutions allowing muni market participants to work better, faster and smarter.

Advisor Bond Reports Generated
Primary Market Scale Analyses
15c2-12 Analyses Delivered
Secondary Market Price Analyses

Our Core Values

Our guiding principles shape our company culture and drive our business.


Drive the digital transformation of the municipal market


Create insightful solutions through industry knowledge and new perspectives


Bring cutting-edge technology and data solutions to the muni market


Deliver top-tier solutions to leverage our clients’ expertise


Ensure customers achieve exceptional outcomes


Add substantially to the evolution of the muni market


Serve the muni market with dedication to clients’ needs

Recognized for data-rich solutions and the people that support them

Lumesis listens and evolves solutions based on customer needs. The Lumesis team is routinely highlighted for our outstanding customer service.

Our Solutions

The Lumesis teams’ muni market knowledge, technological acumen, forward-thinking mindset and commitment towards our clients enables us to regularly introduce intuitive solutions that result in better decisions, time savings and regulatory compliance for our clients.

DIVER New Issue Pricing
and Scales

Indicative and final scales for new issues; market segment data whenever needed; Efficiency, transparency and flexibility

DIVER Secondary Market Pricing

Simplicity in use and speed in accessing results — Inform trading decisions and pricing indications; support for Best Execution (MSRB Rule G-18)

DIVER Muni Trade Ticker

The Lumesis Muni Trade Ticker provides configurable, live trade tickers

DIVER Underwriter

Efficient, comprehensive and cost-effective SEC Rule 15c2-12 Reasonable Diligence for all negotiated and competitive deals with key business tools in a single solution

DIVER Advisor

Advisor offers a simple way to access bond-specific information for Retail Time-of-Trade disclosure (MSRB Rule G-47) and to support sales of new issues