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Client Services is available if you need support with your SOLVE DIVER solution

DIVER New Issue Pricing & Scales

Indicative and Final scales for New Issues

Client Services can train or offer working sessions for the New Issue Pricing & Scales features:

  • Create and compare scales for multiple structures
  • Launch Pricing Analysis via Ipreo calendar
  • Quick access to historical deals by obligor
  • User controls to adjust the baseline scale and underlying comps
  • Full transparency to all comparable issues/bonds/trades
  • Templates to access market data
  • Post-issue trade analysis
Screenshot of DIVER Pricing & Scales
Screenshot of DIVER Secondary Pricing Tool

DIVER Secondary Market Pricing

Inform trading decisions and pricing indications; support for Best Execution (MSRB Rule G-18)

Client Services can train or offer working sessions for the following Secondary Market Pricing features:

  • Bond-based market data
  • Identify levels for target and comparable bonds
  • Full transparency into comparable bonds/trade with relevant transactional data
  • User controls to refine baseline results
  • Price movement trends through dynamic visualization
  • Best Execution (MSRB Rule G-18) Support

DIVER Muni Trade Ticker

The SOLVE Muni Trade Ticker provides configurable, live trade tickers

Client Services can train or offer working sessions for the following Muni Trade Ticker features:

  • Live Tickers of Secondary Muni Bond Trades
  • Taxable & Tax-Exempt spreads calculated to the appropriate benchmark curve
  • Ability to look back at historical trade activity and related spreads
Screenshot of DIVER Secondary Pricing Tool
Screenshot of DIVER Underwriter

DIVER Underwriter

Efficient, comprehensive and cost-effective SEC Rule 15c2-12 Reasonable Diligence for all negotiated and competitive deals with key business tools in a single solution

Client Services can train or offer working sessions for the following Underwriter features:

  • Five-year lookback analysis
    • Audit, financial and operating data analyses
    • Ratings change and bond call analyses
    • Summary, issue and CUSIP level analyses
  • Access to Debt Profile and Obligor Profile
  • Bitvore news
  • Deal workflow and file storage
  • Obligor database with all issuers mapped to obligated party
  • Issuance history, OS/POS sources and all MSRB filings
  • Configurable PDF reports to support compliance of “Reasonable Diligence”

DIVER Advisor

Advisor offers a simple way to access bond-specific information for Retail Time-of-Trade disclosure (MSRB Rule G-47) and to support sales of new issues

Client Services can train or offer a working session for the following Advisor features:

  • Retail Time-of-Trade disclosure (MSRB Rule G-47)
  • Best Execution (MSRB Rule G-18) compliance
  • Live, dynamic muni bond reports
  • Compliance reporting and audit trail
  • Risk Factors
Screenshot of DIVER Advisor
Screenshot of DIVER Analytics

DIVER Data Solutions

Bespoke solutions leveraging our proprietary obligor database, sector mapping and geo-location to address unique client needs

Client Services can train or offer a working session for the following Data Solutions features:

  • Multiple data sets and locations to specific obligors, issuers and bonds
  • Integrate internal analytical tools and platforms
  • Timely portfolio surveillance
  • Flexible exports of the obligor database & linkage
  • Obligor geolocation
  • Map eco/demo data to obligors
  • DIVER Geo Scores
  • Proprietary continuing disclosure database

How can client services help?

SOLVE listens and evolves solutions based on customer needs. The SOLVE team is routinely highlighted for our outstanding customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see what Treasury the Target Maturity/Bond is being spread against?2021-10-27T10:16:23-04:00

Yes.  Click on Display Treasury Details in the Pricing Analysis Summary to show the Coupon, Date and Yield. 

Do I need to enter a Coupon to create a Pricing Analysis?2021-09-29T13:22:36-04:00

No, a Maturity Structure can be created without a coupon. You can then use the “Coupon Analysis” to identify the most frequently used coupon by defined range for your observation period.

Can I compare my current Pricing Analysis to the Obligor’s last deal, different structures or other deals?2021-09-29T13:23:35-04:00

Yes.  From the current Pricing Analysis, you can use the Comparison Analysis tool to compare different structures, the Obligor’s last deal, select comparable Issues or other saved pricing analyses. 

Can I export the Pricing Analysis scale results?2021-09-29T13:24:06-04:00

Yes.  You can export the Primary Market Pricing Analysis Summary results via excel or PDF.  Additional Primary Market results can be exported via PDF. 

What is the Extended Analysis in the Audit?2021-09-29T13:58:32-04:00