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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Target Issue need to be for a Deal or can it be more generic and/or for a Template– i.e. TX MUDs?2021-09-29T13:21:17-04:00

The Target Issue can be for a Deal, Template or more generic.  To accomplish this, simply enter the Issue Name – i.e. TX MUDs and a Sector leaving the Obligor blank

Do I need to enter a Coupon to create a Pricing Analysis?2021-09-29T13:22:36-04:00

No, a Maturity Structure can be created without a coupon. You can then use the “Coupon Analysis” to identify the most frequently used coupon by defined range for your observation period.

Can I compare my current Pricing Analysis to the Obligor’s last deal, different structures or other deals?2021-09-29T13:23:35-04:00

Yes.  From the current Pricing Analysis, you can use the Comparison Analysis tool to compare different structures, the Obligor’s last deal, select comparable Issues or other saved pricing analyses. 

Can I export the Pricing Analysis scale results?2021-09-29T13:24:06-04:00

Yes.  You can export the Primary Market Pricing Analysis Summary results via excel or PDF.  Additional Primary Market results can be exported via PDF. 

Can I export the Comparison Analysis results?2021-09-29T13:24:40-04:00

Yes.  In Comparison Analysis, the Scale Comparison can be exported to a Basic or Expanded report in Excel.  The Curve Analysis can be exported via PDF.

How does Lumesis utilize AI/ML in the Platform?2021-10-27T10:14:39-04:00

Lumesis uses AI/ML to more accurately fill in the gaps in the yield curve when there are no market comparable bonds and trades. Lumsesis’ AI/ML deployment is as accurate or more accurate than traditional interpolation or extrapolation 96% of the time.  Lumesis has published a White Paper, available here.

Why would AI/ML not be available?2021-10-27T10:15:40-04:00

A/I would not be available for the following reasons:

  • All maturities have at least 1 comparable bond/trade.
  • No comparable bonds/trades are available for any maturity.
  • No coupons are entered for Tax Exempt deals.
  • The Target Issue does not contain a Sector and State.
Can I see what Treasury the Target Maturity/Bond is being spread against?2021-10-27T10:16:23-04:00

Yes.  Click on Display Treasury Details in the Pricing Analysis Summary to show the Coupon, Date and Yield. 

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