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Frequently Asked Questions

What deals are included in the analysis?2021-09-29T13:55:20-04:00

All deals that are subject to 15c2-12 and are outstanding within the last 5 years are reviewed for timing and obligations and included in the analysis.

How is the receipt date determined for “Upon Receipt” language?2021-09-29T13:57:49-04:00

The receipt date is the date when the audit is available to be made public. This date is determined, in order of priority, by the Release Date by the State Auditor, Date on the cover of the Audit (stamped indicating received date) and Auditor’s Letter.

Typically, the Auditor’s Letter date is used as it is widely available.

What is the Extended Analysis in the Audit?2021-09-29T13:58:32-04:00

By checking the box for extended analysis, it will display additional information including Unaudited requirements and timing and additional Audit due dates, if applicable.

What is the Red Flag used for?2021-09-29T13:59:13-04:00

The red flag indicates that a filing was reviewed and considered invalid based on Lumesis’ conservative analysis of policies and procedures.

What does the Blue triangle indicate?2021-09-29T14:00:00-04:00

The icon indicates there is an EMMA submission error. This is not a comment on materiality. It instead indicates that when working on the analysis, the filing used to satisfy the obligation was found in a different category or for a different year than would be expected.

Are archived filings used in the analysis?2021-09-29T15:43:30-04:00

If a filing is archived, it cannot be included in the analysis as it is not an active filing.  Typically archived filings are replaced with new filings.

What does it mean when an analysis is “Consolidated” on the Dashboard?2021-09-29T15:44:15-04:00

A consolidated analysis is an aggregation of all subjects under a single Continuing Disclosure Obligated Party (CDOP).

  • The consolidated view excludes the Summary Audit and Summary FinOp reports.
  • To see each report in a single view, click on the “v” to expand the subject rows.

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