10/17 2016

Hurricane Matthew, Political Rhetoric, Exports and the Economy


October 17, 2016

This week we cover two quite different topics.  We start with a look at the most recent FEMA data regarding Hurricane Matthew; and then, in an attempt to move us beyond the “Sex, Lies and Audiotape” conversation that is occupying the minds of many Americans, we take a closer look at the importance […]

10/4 2016

September Geo Scores, Florida’s Poverty Situation and a Look at the Swing States


October 4, 2016

This week we review our proprietary DIVER Geo Score, highlight the best and worst performing States, take a look at changes in the poverty rates in Florida and offer a view of the swing States for the coming election.

September Geo Scores

Today, we release the most recent DIVER Geo Scores for States, counties and […]

8/22 2016

Municipal Perspectives


Municipal Perspectives

August 22, 2016

This week we are pleased to provide you a guest commentary from our friends at Court Street Group Research.  Their “Weekly Municipal Perspective” is the work of Matt Posner, Bob Donahue and Joseph Krist.

This past week, Treasury bonds stayed range-bound, giving up some ground on Tuesday and then improving post-Fed minutes on […]

5/16 2016

Why Aren’t the Strong Technicals Getting the Muni Market Excited?


May 16th, 2016

This week we update a few of our favorite charts dealing with market sentiment, municipal/Treasury ratios, and the Philly Fed Index.

Why Aren’t the Strong Technicals Getting the Muni Market Excited?

Market technical factors are currently very positive: tax time is over, mutual fund flows remain positive, and the annual June/July bond redemption season is […]