3/14 2016

Who’s Going to Win?


March 14th, 2016

This week we look at the potential impacts of the election on tax and trade policy.

Who’s Going to Win?

The Presidential race is approaching the stage when it becomes appropriate to begin thinking about the potential for policy changes which would impact the municipal bond market.

A first step in this process is to assess […]

2/8 2016

Governor Cuomo’s Poor Grasp of Transportation Funding


February 8th, 2016

This week we discuss New York State Governor Cuomo’s poor grasp of good public policy regarding transportation funding.

“…Because, Hey, a Bridge”

We start off with several quotations:

Governor Cuomo’s aim generally seems to be to achieve political victories for the sake of achieving political victories…

Cuomo’s “style” means, to use one example, […]

7/20 2015

ACA Medicaid Expansion Having Unintended Consequences for Food Stamps


July 20, 2015

This week we look at participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps) and discuss its value as a “high frequency” indicator of poverty levels.

Food Stamp Participation is Losing Value as Poverty Indicator

The number of individuals receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (“SNAP” or “food stamps”) benefits has long been a good proxy […]