DIVER Pricing Platform by SOLVE

Data-rich solutions offering industry-leading analysis, business solutions, and regulatory compliance to help the Muni market function more efficiently

DIVER New Issue Pricing & Scales

Indicative and final scales for new issues; market segment and new issue pricing data at your fingertips; efficiency, transparency and flexibility.

Create Indicative Scales for Multiple Structures
Robust Comparison Analytics
TIC and NIC Calcs and Summary Statistics
Adjustable User Controls
Spread and Yield-Based Analyses
Eliminate Manual Work
Create Scales for Individual Issuers or for Market Segments

DIVER Secondary Market Pricing Tool

Simplicity in use and speed in accessing results — Inform trading decisions and pricing indications; support for Best Execution (MSRB Rule G-18)

Bond-Based Market Data and Analysis
Level Identification
Comparable Bonds/Trades Identification
Dynamic Visualization
Customized Analysis
Muni Trade Ticker

DIVER Debt Analysis

Issue Summary, Debt Maps and Debt Service Schedules – Configurable and Exportable

Flexible Debt Search and Selection
Excel Export
Configurable Tables

DIVER Muni Trade Ticker

The DIVER Muni Trade Ticker provides configurable, live trade tickers.