Developing muni market solutions for evolving market needs

At Lumesis, the needs of our clients and the broader muni market surpass everything else. We listen to you – our current and prospective clients – and direct the development of our muni-focused products and services to meet your needs

Public Finance Professionals

Identify efficient and innovative ways of maximizing resources to meet compliance obligations, identify new business opportunities and opportunities to best serve issuer clients in an ever-evolving market.

SEC Rule 15c2-12 analyses
Debt maps
Generate scales across multiple structures during the deal origination process
Comparison analysis

Municipal Underwriters

Manage large numbers of indicative scale requests from bankers and final scales for new issues as they come to market; quick launch from Ipreo calendar for competitive deal pricing analysis SEC Rule 15c2-12 reasonable diligence

Eliminate manual processes
Access to all comparable bonds and trades based on the structural and credit characteristics of your transaction
Run multiple structures
Quick launch from Ipreo calendar
Sophisticated machine learning approach
Build template curves for common market segments
SEC Rule 15c2-12

Municipal & Financial Advisors

Efficient, innovative and cost-effective tools to maximize limited resources, identify new business opportunities and best serve issuer clients in an ever-evolving market.

Indicative Pricing & Scales
Post Issuance Monitoring
SEC Rule 15c2-12 Diligence and Disclosure Management
Debt Profiles for all Obligors
Bitvore News
Comparison Analysis

Wealth Managers & Financial Advisors

Meet retail time of trade disclosure obligation (MSRB Rule G-47); access levels for target and comparable bonds; support for Best Execution

One-click access to meet retail Time of Trade Disclosure obligations
Muni Bond Report
DIVER Secondary Market Pricing Tool

Legal & Compliance Professionals

Expertise and efficiency to address muni market compliance needs by helping address existing rules and evolving interpretations and amendments to the same

SEC Rule 15c2-12 Reasonable Diligence
MSRB Rule G-47 Time of Trade Disclosure
MSRB Rule G-18 Best Execution
MSRB Rule G-27 for supervision

Municipal Bond Traders

Lumesis’ Secondary Market pricing tool delivers comprehensive data and information for your target bonds and comparable bonds trading in the market — simplicity and speed

Target bond and comparable bonds/trades
Quickly assess the market for a target bond
Search for scenarios of interest

Portfolio Managers & Analysts

Efficiently analyze trade opportunities going beyond what other providers offer; identify comparable bonds/trades to support pricing or alternatives to the target bond; focus on allocation needs and portfolio characteristic requirements looking at both new issues and secondary opportunities.