Guest Commentary: American County Review

This week we are pleased to offer a guest commentary, “Rating the Empire – Five Counties in New York State,” from John McLean at the American County Review (ACRe).  ACRe offers a view on all counties and, in doing so, contemplates economic, demographic and other data.  This approach, similar in some respects to our DIVER Geo Score, can offer unique insight into the rated areas.  John applies his “special sauce” to arrive at his rankings.  Access to a broad range of economic and demographic data mapped to specific obligors and bonds, along with tools to analyze those data points you deem relevant, are available in the DIVER platform.  Read the full article here.

Speaking of the DIVER Geo Score – for those of you that took a look at last week’s commentary and the current Geo Scores, you may have noticed that New Mexico was at the bottom.  Moody’s and S&P have both downgraded New Mexico.












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The DIVER by Lumesis Team