Machine Learning applied to Municipal Scale Interpolation and Extrapolation

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Machine Learning Applied to Municipal Scale Interpolation and Extrapolation

April 1, 2021 | White paper

A team of finance and technology professionals at Lumesis have harnessed artificial intelligence tools to begin solving practical problems that arise when developing deal-specific yield curves (or scales) during the new municipal bond issuance pricing process. Specifically, Lumesis has developed a methodology to predict the shape of a deal-specific municipal yield curve based on the unique structural and credit characteristics of the deal being priced and to use that predicted shape to fill-in portions of a yield curve that cannot be built from observable market transactions. The artificial intelligence-based solution that has been developed is described below, along with the results of empirical and statistical backtesting. The results indicate a significant advance in the ability to generate complete deal-specific municipal yield curves over traditional interpolation and extrapolation methods.