Municipal Underwriters

Combine your market expertise with leading technology from SOLVE’s DIVER solutions

SOLVE Muni Solutions for Municipal Underwriters

Manage large numbers of indicative scale requests from bankers and final scales for new issues as they come to market; quick launch from Ipreo calendar for competitive deal pricing analysis; SEC Rule 15c2-12 Reasonable Diligence

Eliminate Manual Processes

Cutting edge technology that eliminates the manual spreadsheet driven processes for the creation of new issue indicative and final scales; complete transparency to all underlying data and ability to easily refine output delivery

Access to all Comparable Bonds and Trades Based on the Structural and Credit Characteristics of your Transaction

Ensure you are seeing all relevant primary and secondary prints that may influence your pricing

Quick Launch from Ipreo Calendar

Generate a scale in one click and gain perspective on comparable issuances to support/refine bids

Comparison Analysis

Compare different structures for a target deal and access historical deals of any obligor for detailed comparison

Build template curves for common market segments

Anticipate and reduce scale inquiries from Bankers

Sophisticated Machine Learning Approach

Fill portions of the curve that cannot be built from recent transactional activity

SEC Rule 15c2-12 Reasonable Diligence

Reasonable diligence for all deals

Learn how DIVER by SOLVE delivers information, analysis and tools to help in the preparation of scales and to support both indicative and final pricing or bids for new issues and for SEC Rule 15c2-12 support.
  • Build scales more efficiently with complete transparency to comparable bonds and trades
  • Compare structures and prior deals of the obligor or other deals to the target issue
  • Create templates for use by bankers and analysts- minimize demand on the desk for indicative pricing
  • User controls to adjust the baseline scale to reflect your professional judgement and market expertise
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and calculating/compiling historical spread databases
  • Incorporate relevant secondary market trades into your scale generation- never miss and important print
  • Quick launch for any deal on the Ipreo calendar
  • Analysis and scale based on the structural and credit characteristics of the deal selected
  • Adjust parameters to reflect your professional judgement and market expertise
  • Competitive and negotiated deals
  • Audit, financial and operational data, ratings changes and bond call analysis available
  • Summary, issue and CUSIP level analysis
  • Select depth and breadth of analysis

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