Portfolio Managers & Analysts

Information and tools to inform trading decisions and monitor holdings

SOLVE Muni Solutions for Portfolio Managers & Analysts

Efficiently analyze trade opportunities going beyond what other providers offer; identify comparable bonds/trades to support pricing or alternatives to the target bond; focus on allocation needs and portfolio characteristic requirements looking at both new issues and secondary opportunities.

Efficiency and Transparency

User focused/defined trade spread, data and information for target bonds and bonds with defined characteristics

Pricing Analyses

Ability to launch pricing analyses for new issues to assess levels v bonds in the secondary

Pricing Tool for All Levels

Full transparency for all pricing levels, innovative tools to adjust parameters to expand or define results and to identity trade ideas

Learn how DIVER by SOLVE delivers information, analysis and tools to support your needs.
  • Inform trading decisions, price talk and indications of interest with comparable trade data and new issue curves generated for each deal reviewed
  • Ipreo calendar integration allows for one-click analysis for negotiated and competitive deals
  • Full transparency into all comparable trades
  • Templates for a quick read of the market based on market segment, obligor and other factors
  • User controls to adjust any baseline results to reflect your market expertise
  • All outstanding public debt and private placements with CUSIPs compiled for immediate use
  • Excel export to evaluate issuer’s debt outstanding
  • Obligor-focused news from thousands of sources
  • Source information for prospect/client meetings
  • Proprietary obligor database connects all issuers, issues and bonds to specific credit obligors, sectors, geographic locations and multiple datasets
  • Proprietary relational database enables the delivery of custom/bespoke solutions for internal system use, position monitoring, trade monitoring and more
  • Live Tickers of Secondary Muni Bond Trades
  • Taxable & Tax-Exempt spreads calculated to the appropriate benchmark curve
  • Ability to look back at historical trade activity and related spreads

SOLVE News & Muni Insights

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