Wealth Managers & Financial Advisors

Cost-effective information, analysis and tools to help meet your clients’ best interests and to address regulatory requirements

SOLVE Muni Solutions for Wealth Managers & Financial Advisors

Meet Retail Time-of-Trade disclosure obligation (MSRB Rule G-47); access levels for target and comparable bonds; support for Best Execution (MSRB Rule G-18)

One-Click Access to Meet Retail Time-of-Trade Disclosure Obligations (MSRB Rule G-47)

Meet Retail Time-of-Trade disclosure (G-47) obligation with a comprehensive muni bond report for every municipal bond and backend audit trail and bond report storage

Muni Bond Report

Available for all municipal bonds, including new issues, and dynamically created at the time of access to ensure up-to-date data

DIVER Secondary Market Pricing Tool

Assess levels for the target bond and comparable bonds— identifying alternatives for clients

Learn how DIVER by SOLVE delivers solutions allowing you to focus on the critical needs of your clients.
  • Access all information in one place to support a rich dialogue with your client
  • All information current at time of generation
  • White label with your logo
  • Configurable and editable disclosure section
  • Supports MSRB Rule G-47 for Retail/Non-SMMP Time-of-Trade Disclosure
  • Bond-based market data and analysis for the target bond and comparable bonds
  • Identify levels for the target bond and alternatives to meet your client’s needs
  • Comparable bonds and trades identified
  • Filters to refine comparable trades returned
  • Support for Best Execution (MSRB Rule G-18)
  • Obligor-focused news from thousands of sources
  • Source information for prospect/client meetings

SOLVE News & Muni Insights

We publish market-leading commentary, insights, DIVER product updates and research on key topics in the muni market.