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DIVER by Lumesis

What We Offer

Our DIVER platform delivers technology and data solutions helping firms efficiently meet credit, regulatory and risk needs.

Why We Are Better

Lumesis uses web-based technology to deliver a simple solution allowing municipal market participants to work better, faster and smarter than they have historically. Our data-rich solutions are unique in the marketplace, offering industry-leading analysis and compliance solutions that meet the evolving needs of a changing regulatory world.


DIVER Solutions

DIVER Underwriter leverages technology to help perform “Reasonable Diligence” in a post-MCDC environment. This solution allows Underwriters to efficiently perform their diligence without the risk of a damaged reputation or fine and so that regulatory compliance does not limit the number of deals they bid.

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If you are an Issuer of municipal debt, increased scrutiny of your 15c2-12 disclosures is the new normal.  DIVER from Lumesis is a cost-effective solution that can improve your disclosure transparency and ensure the best possible access to capital markets.

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DIVER for Municipal Advisors helps you better serve your public sector clients and meet your G-42 obligations.

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Whether you are Disclosure, Bond or Underwriter’s Counsel, DIVER offers tools and information to help you efficiently and cost-effectively meet the 15c2-12 needs of your clients.

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DIVER Advisor is the result of collaborative input from market participants and FINRA to support evolving regulatory needs. It was designed to help firms address MSRB Time of Trade Disclosure (G-47), Best Execution (G-18), Suitability (G-19) and Supervision (G-27) rules when trading municipal bonds.

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DIVER Analytics is web based suite of dashboard, analytical, and visualization tools focused on the key economic and demographic drivers of municipal economies. It is designed to be a powerful and flexible portfolio and research tool for holders of municipal bonds and those performing credit analysis and ongoing surveillance.

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DIVER Data Solutions offers direct access to our data allowing us to address unique client needs. Offerings include hundreds of data sets, data feeds and ongoing reporting. Flexible delivery of just the data our clients need results in cost and time saving and seamless integration into any work environment.

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