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DIVER Advisor is the most efficient and comprehensive solution for municipal Time-of-Trade Disclosure (G-47) and Best Ex.

Our clients use DIVER Advisor to satisfy MSRB Time of Trade Disclosure (G-47), Best Execution (G-18), Supervision (G-27) and Suitability (G-19) rules for all new issue and secondary municipal bonds for retail and non-SMMP clients. Advisor is integrated into your workflow – it is available standalone and through all ATS platforms, Ipreo, leading clearing firms and more.  Advisor also supports firms in meeting the Dodd-Frank Standard of Creditworthiness for their bank clients.

Advisor Offers:

  • Simple access to material information reasonably accessible
  • Muni Bond Reports for all municipal issues
  • Obligor profiles
  • Comprehensive audit and reporting functionality
  • Portfolio surveillance
  • Ability to enter credit notes and share research
  • Price comps for comparable bonds
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time-of-trade disclosure (G-47)

DIVER Advisor Municipal Bond Reports are dynamic, CUSIP-Driven, comprehensive overviews for all muni bonds.

Every report includes:

  • Terms and Features
  • Redemption Information
  • Credit Enhancement Identification
  • OS and Continuing Disclosures – Highlighting most recent financial filings and material events
  • Ratings
  • Defaults and News
  • Price/Yield Information
  • Geo Location/Sector Designation
  • Risk Factors and Disclaimers
  • Sector-Based Economic Data
  • DIVER Geo Scores
Municipal Bond Report Sample in DIVER Advisor

DIVER Advisor helps you keep ahead of an evolving muni marketplace


Read About How DIVER Advisor is Helping Clients with:

  • Compliance
  • Client Communication
  • Research and Analysis