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DIVER Data Solutions eliminates time spent on extensive data gathering offering customizable data and reports from our extensive database. Including demographic data and:

  • Direct access to our data
  • Ability to customize data to fit unique needs
  • A wide variety of offerings, including hundreds of data sets, data feeds, and ongoing research
  • Flexible delivery of the data you need
  • Seamless integration into any work environment
demogrpahic data

Gain efficiency from the quick delivery of usable data. Benefits include the timely aggregation of hard-to-collect demographic data and a rigorous 49 Point QA process.

DIVER Data Solutions offer multiple flexible data delivery options including:

  • FTP Bulk Data Delivery
  • On-Demand API delivery
  • Excel Add-in

Our clients use data solutions to support their daily muni bond business and operations

  • Relating multiple data sets and locations directly to bonds and issuers/obligors
  • Alerts and Delivery to clients
  • Timely Portfolio Surveillance
  • Continuing Disclosure Monitoring via e-mail
  • New insights from our derived data
  • DIVER Geo Score delivery