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The Complete 15c2-12 Solution to Support Your Municipal Underwriting, Legal Compliance and Business Development Teams

  • Underwriting:

    • Bring to Market or Bid More Deals by Using Our 15c2-12 Lookback Process for All New Issues
    • “Stoplight” Analysis – Simple Yet Comprehensive
    • Audit, Financial and Operating Data, Ratings and Bond Call Analyses
    • Obligor Summary, Issue and CUSIP Level Review
    • Access to All Data Used in Analyses
    • Select the Depth of Analysis that Meets Your Needs
    • Misclassified EMMA Filings “Reclassified”
  • Business Development:

    • Obligor Profiles Delivers Current and Comprehensive Data for All Obligors
    • Debt Profiles for All Obligors by Issue and includes Next Call and Coupon Stack
    • Relevant, Real-Time News Aggregated from Over 40,000 Sources
  • Reduced Regulatory Risk:

    • Consistent 15c2-12 Process Across Your Firm
    • Deal File Storage and Action Tracking to Simplify Audit of Your Policies and Procedures
    • PDF Reports for Internal Record-Keeping
Underwriter Product Details
DIVER Underwriter: Post-MCDC Underwriting

Underwriters Are Facing New Challenges

Lumesis - DIVER Underwriter

We believe that Municipal Underwriters should be able to efficiently perform their 15c2-12 reasonable due diligence obligations, and not limit the number of deals they bid. The current market environment combined with renewed regulatory focus has increased pressure on Underwriting teams. DIVER Underwriter was designed to alleviate those pressures, manage risk and increase efficiency.