Pricing and Scales Service

An Innovative Approach to New Issue Scale Creation and Pricing

Market Demands

  • Efficiently Generate Scales Utilizing Comprehensive Data
  • Transparency Into All Underlying Data
  • Professional’s Ability to Refine Parameters
  • Analyze Alternative Structures
  • Support for Pricing

Solution Overview

  • Easily create custom new issue scales incorporating all relevant data — all comparable issues, bonds and trades
  • Spread and yield-based analyses
  • Access all underlying market observations that comprise the scale and pricing analysis
  • Define and refine the new issue structure
  • Adjust bond and trade parameters
  • Add/remove comparables issues, bonds and/or trades
  • Evidence and support for indicative levels and new issue pricing
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Webinar: An Innovative Approach to New Issue Pricing & Scales: 5 Key Demands from Market Professionals.

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