Time of Trade Disclosure

MSRB Rule G-47 requires that all material information known about a municipal security, as well as material information that is reasonably accessible to the market, be disclosed to the retail or non-SMMP client at or before the time of trade.

G-47 Time of Trade

  • Address the Specific Requirements of MSRB Rule G-47 for All Municipal Bonds
    • Including New Issues CUSIPs
  • Integrate into Your Workflow
  • Generate Muni Bond Reports, with Current Information, for All Bonds.
  • Obligor Profiles for Additional Information Regarding the Obligated Party.

Muni Bond Reports

  • Muni Bond Report Content:
    • Terms and Features
    • Redemption Information
    • Credit Enhancement Identification
    • OS and Continuing Disclosures
    • Ratings
    • News
    • Price/Yield Information
    • Geo Location/Sector Designation
    • Risk Factors and Disclaimers
    • Sector-Based Economic Data
    • DIVER Geo Scores

Rule G-27 Supervision

  • Comprehensive audit and reporting tool to support G-27 supervisory obligations.
  • Configurable for your needs.
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