New Issue Pricing – The MSRB Issues Compliance Resources for Underwriters and Municipal Advisors


By Gregg L. Bienstock, SVP, Group Head, Municipal Markets Originally published by The Bond Buyer On November 7, 2022, the MSRB issued two long-awaited compliance resources for municipal underwriters and municipal advisors. The resources are in response to the MSRB’s October 5, 2021 “Request for Comment on Draft Compliance Resources for Dealers [...]

Lumesis adds real-time taxable spreads to platform


Lumesis has launched two enhancements to its Secondary Market Pricing Platform with the addition of a yield and spread calculation of taxable term bonds and the inclusion of real-time taxable spreads. For taxable term bond transactions, Lumesis now calculates an average life yield, or cash-flow yield, which considers all cash flows of a term bond as opposed to simply the bond’s yield to maturity.

How coronavirus crisis exposes tech and data gaps


As COVID-19 batters cities, an overhanging question in public finance is whether the crisis can elicit more efficient governing post-pandemic. Challenges amid severe budget strains include rebuilding tax bases, restoring business confidence, closing gaps between the rich and poor, and smarter municipal management overall.