Data-rich solutions offering industry leading analysis, business solutions and regulatory compliance to help the muni market function more efficiently

SOLVE Offers Unique Muni Solutions Through its DIVER Platform

DIVER by SOLVE uses cloud-based technology to deliver user-friendly solutions allowing municipal market participants to work better, faster and smarter.

DIVER New ISSUE Pricing & Scales

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“Bankers are able to efficiently create scales on multiple structures as they are working with clients. Great for indicative and executable scales.”

DIVER Secondary Market Pricing Tool

DIVER Secondary Market Pricing Tool

“The desk loves the ease of use, depth of data and ability to use their expertise to refine the results.”

Simplicity in use and speed in accessing results — Inform trading decisions and pricing indications; support for Best Execution (MSRB Rule G-18)

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Issue Summary, Debt Maps and Debt Service Schedules – Configurable and Exportable

Flexible Debt Search and Selection

Excel Export

Configurable Tables


“As a PM, monitoring the bonds in our portfolio for trade activity is extremely valuable. I also have tickers for the sectors I care about. We’ve been waiting for a tool like this.”

DIVER Underwriter

Efficient, comprehensive and cost-effective SEC Rule 15c2-12 Reasonable Diligence for all negotiated and competitive deals with key business tools in a single solution

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“The 15c2-12 analysis is the perfect tool to help us meet our reasonable diligence needs for negotiated and competitive deals. Lumesis takes a conservative approach when determining if obligations have been met, flags all exceptions and allows our team to make the final call with regard to materiality.”