DIVER Muni Trade Ticker

The DIVER Muni Trade Ticker provides configurable, live trade tickers.

Live Tickers of Secondary Muni Bond Trades
  • Customize tickers for bonds, sectors and/or geographies of importance to you.
  • Custom filters for sector, credit quality, structural features, trade characteristics & more.
Taxable & Tax-Exempt spreads calculated to the appropriate benchmark curve

Taxable spreads calculated against real time Treasuries with adjustments for term bond structure.

Ability to look back at historical trade activity and related spreads
DIVER Muni Trade Ticker

Preview the functionality and features of the DIVER Muni Bond Ticker.

“The Muni Trade Ticker provides real-time data for the bonds I care about as a Trader.”

“As a PM, monitoring the bonds in our portfolio for trade activity is extremely valuable. I also have tickers for the sectors I care about. We’ve been waiting for a tool like this.”

– DIVER Muni Trade Ticker Clients

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