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DIVER Secondary Market Pricing Tool

Simplicity in use and speed in accessing results — Inform trading decisions and pricing indications; support for Best Execution (MSRB Rule G-18)

Bond-Based Market Data and Analysis

Used for the target bond, bonds trading from the target bond’s issue and comparable bonds

Level Identification

Identify levels for the target bond and alternatives in the market

Comparable Bonds/Trades Identification

Full transparency to all comparable trades to support discussions in real-time with relevant transactional data

Dynamic Visualization

Identify trends in price movement

Customized Analysis

Use automated logic, user refinements to analysis parameters and stored personal preferences

Muni Trade Ticker

See and track Taxable and Tax-Exempt Spreads calculated to the appropriate Benchmark curve

General Range Validation with Expanded Sector Comps versus original structure
Case Study
DIVER Secondary Market Pricing Tool

Learn how a client used the Secondary Pricing Tool to help with price discovery for a Miami Seaport taxable, insured bond with a 2035 maturity

What DIVER Secondary Market Pricing Tool can do for:

  • Inform trading decisions and pricing indications with comparable trade data
  • User controls to adjust any baseline results to reflect your market knowledge
  • Focus on allocation needs and portfolio characteristic requirements looking at both new issues and secondary opportunities
  • Launch pricing analyses for new issues to assess levels versus bonds in the secondary
  • Bond-based market data and analysis for the target bond and comparable bonds
  • Identify levels for the target bond and alternatives to meet your client’s needs
  • Comparable bonds and trades identified
  • Filters to refine comparable trades returned
  • Support for Best Execution (MSRB Rule G-18)
  • Comprehensive spread data and information for a taxable or tax exempt target bond and comparable bonds/trades by relevant side of the market with full transparency to all levels
  • Quickly assess where the market is for a target bond, identify comparable bonds trading and as potential alternatives to the target 
  • Taxable trades spread against real-time Treasury benchmark rates
  • Yields and spreads for taxable term bonds calculated using cash flow yield
  • Identify trade ideas by using bond and trade parameters to search for scenarios of interest
  • Best Execution (MSRB Rule G-18) solution


“The desk loves the ease of use, depth of data and ability to use their expertise to refine the results.”

– DIVER Secondary Pricing Tool Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see what Treasury the Target Maturity/Bond is being spread against?2021-10-27T10:16:23-04:00

Yes.  Click on Display Treasury Details in the Pricing Analysis Summary to show the Coupon, Date and Yield. 

Do I need to enter a Coupon to create a Pricing Analysis?2021-09-29T13:22:36-04:00

No, a Maturity Structure can be created without a coupon. You can then use the “Coupon Analysis” to identify the most frequently used coupon by defined range for your observation period.

Can I compare my current Pricing Analysis to the Obligor’s last deal, different structures or other deals?2021-09-29T13:23:35-04:00

Yes.  From the current Pricing Analysis, you can use the Comparison Analysis tool to compare different structures, the Obligor’s last deal, select comparable Issues or other saved pricing analyses. 

Can I export the Pricing Analysis scale results?2021-09-29T13:24:06-04:00