Strong Recovery in Florida Across the State

July 7th, 2016

This week we review our proprietary DIVER Geo Score, highlight the best and worst performing States as well as provide you a link to get the scores themselves.

June Geo Scores

This week, we released the most recent DIVER Geo Scores for States, counties and cities. The DIVER Geo Score represents a relative score of the economic health of a U.S. State, county or city. Based on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the best, this data is updated monthly and is calculated from multiple economic and demographic factors related to three primary data categories—employment, income and housing.

The DIVER Geo Scores are available here.


Several of the States that have shown the most improvement over the last year have below average Geo Scores.   Tennessee, Florida, Arkansas, and Michigan all have Geo Scores below the national average of 5, but have shown significant improvement over the last year.  These below average, but trending better States appear in the upper left quadrant in the chart below.


In contrast, several large States with relatively strong economies have been underperforming.  Texas, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts appear in the lower right quadrant of the chart.  This indicates that they have above average economies that have been underperforming.


The list of most improved county economies is dominated by Florida.  All but one (Santa Rosa) of Florida’s largest counties has shown above average improvement in its economy over the last year.


Broward (+3.8) and Okaloosa (+3.7) have shown exceptionally strong improvement over the last year.


The list of most improved cities is also dominated by Florida.

Boca Raton (-0.3) is the only large Florida city,which has not shown above average improvement in economic health over the last year.


The strong recovery in Florida’s economy is clear at the State, county and city levels.


Have a great week,

Mike Craft, CFA