4/27 2015

Mid-Atlantic Economies Lagging, More on SLGS, and Overlooked News from PR


April 27, 2015

This week, we chart the most recent State economic data from the Philly Fed, respond to a reader inquiry regarding our previous discussion of SLGS, and highlight a little noticed piece of Puerto Rico news from last week.

Philly Fed Shows Mid-Atlantic States Lagging

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia recently released its State Coincident […]

1/28 2015

Municipal Finance Implications of Strong Dollar; 2015 Year of Muni Pensions?


January 28, 2015

This week we highlight the potential implications of a strong dollar for municipal budgets and revenues, and ponder whether 2015 will be an even bigger year for municipal pension issues.

Strong Dollar and Low Energy Prices Could Lead to Revenue Issues

We (Mike C. and Mark H.) were in Houston last week for the NFMA’s […]

1/12 2015

Should Lower Gas Prices Lead to Higher Gas Taxes? States with Large Export Exposures


January 12, 2015

Firstly, this week we give our view on the increasing efforts to use lower gas prices as a rationale for higher gas taxes, and, secondly, highlight the States that are most exposed to the weakness in international economies.

Should Lower Gas Prices Lead to Higher Gas Taxes?

It has been a while since I (Gregg) […]