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Business Solutions

Lumesis solutions allow municipal market participants to work better, faster and smarter. Designed for muni professionals, our information and data-rich solutions are unique in the marketplace.

Are You Looking for a 15c2-12 Compliance Solution?

DIVER Underwriter is the industry-leading 15c2-12 solution. Designed to help Underwriters, Issuers, Muni Advisors and Law Firms efficiently perform due diligence and support the public finance process.

Are You a Public Finance Banker Looking to Grow Your Business?

Learn more about DIVER tools that can help you gather key information about prospects and clients and identify new opportunities.

Are You Advising Retail or Non-SMMP Clients?

Our clients use DIVER Advisor to satisfy MSRB Time of Trade Disclosure (G-47), Supervision (G-27) and Suitability (G-19) rules for all new issue and secondary municipal bonds for retail and non-SMMP clients. Advisor is integrated into your workflow – it is available standalone and through all ATS platforms, Ipreo, leading clearing firms and more.

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Do You Perform Credit Research?

DIVER Analytics is a web-based suite of dashboard, analytical, and visualization tools focused on the key economic and demographic drivers of municipal economies. It is designed to be a powerful and flexible portfolio and research tool for holders of municipal bonds and those performing credit analysis and ongoing surveillance.

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Looking for Specific Muni Data Points?

DIVER Data Solutions offers direct access to our data based on unique client needs. Offerings include data feeds, portfolio analysis / monitoring and ongoing reporting. Flexible delivery of the data you need results in cost and time savings.

Learn More About DIVER Data Solutions

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