Access BAM Credit Profiles and Secondary Capacity Directly from DIVER Advisor

What are BAM Credit Profiles?   In order to provide investors with the highest level of transparency, Build America Mutual posts a BAM Credit Profile on every issue it insures in either the primary or secondary market, and makes them accessible directly through the DIVER Advisor platform. Credit Profiles are posted when the transaction closes, and updated annually following receipt of the obligor’s audited financial statements, and include issue and series name; gross par insured by CUSIP, maturity and coupon; sector designation (e.g. general obligation, sales tax); a summary of financial information, and key ratios.

What is BAM’s Secondary Market Capacity?   In addition to the large and growing universe of BAM-insured municipal bonds, BAM has reviewed nearly 1,000 additional credits and pre-approved them for secondary-market insurance. This pre-approval is also posted in DIVER Advisor and can help you quickly determine if bonds you hold, or are considering purchasing, have already been approved.